Investing in Employee Work Productivity – Mindfulness Matters


Investing in Employee Work Productivity

                 Mindfulness Matters


 Mindfulness Work Culture

When was the last time your company asked your employees about their attitude towards their job? Simple questions such as the following: 1) How do I rate my company work environment as good or highly motivating, 2) Is there a strong sense of cohesion in my organization, and 3) Are the relationships between managers and employees very good?  If your organization hasn’t asked these questions in the last few years then chances are you are missing an invaluable opportunity to increase your company’s work productivity by assessing the mindfulness culture of your employees.

Health is Not Just Physical

The latest research conducted on employee’s work performance and productivity highlights the importance of mental, social and emotional well-being. Many employers have jumped on the physical fitness bandwagon in the last ten years; however, the statistics show that only those that are already physically active will participate in wellness programs or corporate sponsored gym memberships. So where does that leave the non-movers who need more convincing that healthy habits are good for them?  What about emotional, social and mental health initiatives?

The good news is that there are other ways to improve your employee’s health and recruit the non-movers to a path of fitness all while simultaneously increasing work productivity. If your organization wants to improve its work productivity, reduce absenteeism and minimize stress than investing in your employee’s mind may be a good place to start.  Mindfulness training is becoming more and more popular as the science demonstrates the strong correlation between mindfulness programs and increased job satisfaction and work productivity. According to the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School White Paper, Bringing Mindfulness to the Work Place (Schaufenbeul, 2014) the benefits of mindfulness training increases the employee’s presence on the job.  More presence on the job translates to more engaged, focused and effective employees and what business owner, manager or team leader wouldn’t want their personnel more mindful as opposed to mindless.

 Employees Bring Their “A Game”

Mindfulness has a plethora of many benefits such as less emotional stress, more positive states of mind, and better quality of life just to name a few. These three major benefits are a catalyst towards healthier and happier employees.  This is an inside outside approach aimed towards increasing self-awareness and self-knowledge in shaping one’s health beliefs, habits and happiness.  Happy healthy employees are more productive employees that bring their “A game” to the work place. Mindfulness is a key component to happy employees due to its many benefits of increasing compassion and kindness to other employees. Mindfulness also improves inner wellness and inner wellness empowers the organizational climate culture. Research has shown by Just be adding a 15 minute daily practice of mindfulness organizations can raise their employee work productivity and add to the long-term investment of a corporation. Giving this gift to your employees can be the difference between engaged or status quo performance by employees.

Mind Body Boot Camp is an 8 week mindfulness program that can help train your employees to be more mindful in the workplace. Mindfulness matters when it comes down to increasing work productivity and keeping employees healthy. Isn’t it time you try a new approach to offering health benefits that go beyond the gym and yield a return on investment.